Thursday, 10 November 2016

::Random Pictures::

::So I'm bored and I'm going to post random pictures form when I was baby because I have nothing else to do.

Ok, I think that's everything. I don't have any more baby pictures on the computer. I'm not so bored anymore. I you think all this randomness is weird and you don't like it please let me know. On the other hand, if you like all of that, also let me know. Not sure if anyone actually reads this. Oh well, I have fun! Goodbye::

Sunday, 6 November 2016


::HALLOWEEN!!!!! Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Well, it's fun every year. This year I went as Hermione Granger.

It took me an hour to braid all my hair. Imagine how long it would have taken if I still had long hair!! It was crazy as usual with all of the little kids running around. We were all going, 'Where's Declin''Where's Ewan'

I still had a load of fun even though I wasn't trick-or-treating. Me and Leah may or may not have gone to a few houses for candy. We shared a bag, so we didn't get a lot of candy, but we got a pretty good amount for nontrick-or-treaters. We only went for 2 hours, so we were home by 7:30/8. It was short, but the younger ones still got a whack load of candy. Gabe has a huge drawer full of candy STILL. Anyways, it is time for us to leave for church. Have a good Sunday::