Saturday, 29 October 2016


::So I heard that a certain someone said Gryffindor sucks, Slytherin is the best. And if YOU(you know who you are) were paying attention, you would have seen that I never said Gryffindor is the best. I only said that Gryffindor was what I would be in. I also didn't say that the ONLY house I would be in was Gryffindor, I will have you know that am equal parts Slytherin and Gryffindor. Which is kinda ironic because those are the two houses that hate each other the most, but oh well. Can't change what I am! I would be Pansy Parkinson(a Slytherin)but sadly, I'm stuck with Gryffindor because that's the only tie I have:/ you've gotta work with what you have. This is reminding me I have to get the wand I made out of the van. I still haven't done that. We were camping in September and since it was cold there wasn't too much to do unless you wanted to go swimming(no one did) so I started peeling the bark off a stick and it gave me the idea of a wand. So I kept peeling and 'carving'(making a pointy tip) until I was satisfied. I'm hoping they didn't accidentally get thrown away. I'll find out, won't I? Anyway. That's all I had to say::

Thursday, 27 October 2016

::Party Pictures::

::Sorry I haven't posted. I've been waiting for pictures from the party I went to. There's a lot of them and my friend is still trying to figure out how to put them on her computer without crashing it. So, in case you're wondering, that's why I haven't written. We had the first really snow fall today!!!!!!!! It didn't stay on the ground very long though:( That made me sad. I'm hoping it snows again soon. Halloween is in a few days!! I don't know if I mentioned that I'm being a Hogwarts student or not. I wouldn't be surprised if I had. Anyways, that's what I'm dressing up as even though I'm not trick or treating anymore. Sadly, last year was my last year for trick or treating. I told the kids they had to get twice as much candy since they wouldn't have my two bags of candy anymore. I'm still dressing up because that was one of my favourite parts. That and walking around with family were my favourite parts....ok, I did like the candy too;p Not much else exciting has happened since then. Once I get the pictures I will post and if Halloween comes before that, I will post Halloween pictures. See ya::

Saturday, 15 October 2016


::I'm writing again and it's only been a day!! I don't really have anything to write but I'm bored and I felt like writing. I actually have to leave in fifteen minutes for a red carpet themed party. I'm REALLY excited. Especially since I was one of the organizers. I'm not sure what else to say. Bye!!::

Friday, 14 October 2016


::I seem to say this a lot but, I suck. I feel like I can't write unless something eventful happens, and then I have trouble putting it down in words. My life is also very uneventful. It's a great life and very busy, but not very eventful. I've decided I would start writing even if it was going to be a bunch of none sense. I really want to write, I'm just not very good and I don't really have pictures to post or anything, but I will start trying to write whatever I feel like writing. That's basically what this post was about. Now I need to come up with a title. I can never figure that out either. It's harder than the actual post. Oh, I just thought of something! .......Never mind. I forgot what it was. Ooo, I have a new thing to try. Instead of doing a tip to remember or you'll regret it I'm going to do a Harry Potter fact/question. I know nobody reads my blog anymore and even if they did no one knows Harry Potter very well[:o] or doesn't know it all. If you haven't, I am a huge Potterhead and have completely fangirled on it. If I was a wizard at Hogwarts(School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) I would be in Gryffindor(one of the houses), I would be muggle-born(that means I would be born from a non-wizard family, muggle means humans), I would be best friends with George Weasley(Harry Potter's best friend's older brother), and would be a Hogwarts professor when I graduate. See? What did I tell you? Potterhead. These are all quizes I've taken btw. I'm not sure what else to say. That was my harry potter blurb for the post. Goodbye::